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Annual Winners Exhibition:

Northallerton Camera Club

4 August - 26 August 2023

An exhibition of the winning images from the final competition of the Northallerton Camera Club season; the ‘Annual Exhibition Competition’ for both Prints and Projected Digital Images.


Whatever the skill level of the photographer, there is a chance to win one of the competition trophies, with categories for Club Class (Beginners and Less Experienced) through to Advanced Level, as well as separate subject-based categories.


This year is the 90th Anniversary of Northallerton Camera Club. Formed in 1933 the club is one of the best known clubs in North Yorkshire, winning competitions at both National and local levels. The club meets on Monday evenings from September through to April each year with a range of guest speakers, competitions, and practical evenings. We welcome members of all ages and abilities.

From the Seahouse

By Linda Lashford

8 April - 22 July 2023

A quietly beautiful and utterly absorbing exhibition of prints, a collection of poems and a book. Formed by Linda Lashford over five successive winters of living, writing and photographing from a remote Scottish beach in the highlands. Focusing her camera solely on her immediate landscape and the intricate detail to be found in the rocks, pebbles and pools of the shoreline.

Linda Lashford's limited edition book in two volumes, of the same name, is for sale in our gallery shop HERE 

Woodland Sanctuary

By Simon Baxter and Joe Cornish

Until Saturday 1 April 2023

This joint exhibition by Joe Cornish and Simon Baxter focuses on photographs of woodland in the North York Moors National Park.

Comprising photographs made over several years these woodlands have been a source of exploration, tranquillity, meditation, artistic study and inspiration for both photographers. Originally on display at the Inspired by Gallery in Danby, this beautifully conceived, curated exhibition will be on display at Joe Cornish Galleries in early 2023.

Fountains Abbey

at Joe Cornish Galleries

Photographs by Joe Cornish 

19 July - 31 October 2022 


We are delighted to be exhibiting some previously unseen prints from Joe Cornish's FASR project, on display on the ground floor of the Galleries. 

Joe Cornish was commissioned to photograph Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal just before the COVID pandemic. He was able to continue the project during the unprecedented quietness when the UNESCO World Heritage Site was closed to visitors. Joe’s photographs present another side to this unique site and the stillness that prevailed during those unusual months.

Exhibition Catalogue

A Sense of Place: photographs by Paul Sanders, Kate Somervell, Patrick Kaye & Susi Petherick

3 September - 26 November 2022

You are warmly invited to come and meet the photographers at the exhibition opening on Saturday 3 September, between 2pm and 4pm.

This engaging exhibition of black and white images by photographers Kate Somervell, Patrick Kaye and Susi Petherick, is the culmination of one year of mentoring by professional photographer and former Picture Editor of The Times, Paul Sanders. 

Since leaving the media industry in 2012, Paul has focussed on his own fine art landscape photography:

'Photography is a very personal journey, a combination of technical skill and unique expression of a moment experienced. It personally took me a long time to understand this which is why I was keen to use my experience to support other photographers through a year long mentoring course', explains Paul.

'For me it is important to allow each photographer to explore their own personal influences and allow them to openly express their individual awareness of beauty, in everything from the mundane to the most exquisite landscape. Learning that beauty has no rules, boundaries or formula is one of the most important lessons a photographer can learn'.

As a result, those mentored have drawn inspiration and from a range of locations, from local landscapes, to a suburban allotment and a Crfofy in rural Scotland.

Th mentoring programme proved inspiring to Paul too. 'Drawing on my own experiences and depth of knowledge also enabled me to reflect on the way i work and my own awareness and the barriers I put in my own way too'.

This group exhibition pairs a fascinating body of work from each of the three mentored photographers alongside images forming a personal narrative from Paul representing awareness of place in the world through the equivalence in flowers.


Northallerton Camera Club 

Annual Exhibition Competition Winners 

2 August - 27 August 2022

Joe Cornish Galleries are delighted to be exhibiting the results of Northallerton Camera Club's Annual Exhibition Competition. 

The eight winning prints from the six separate subject classifications will be on display on the first floor of the Galleries throughout August.

Each year the final competition of the season is open to both Print and Projected Digital Image submissions. Whatever the photographer's skill level there is a chance of winning one of the Club trophies, which includes categories for Club Class (beginners and less experienced photographers) through to Advanced level.

Formed in 1933 Northallerton Camera Club has become one of the best known clubs in North Yorkshire winning competitions at both national and local levels. The club welcomes members of all ages and abilities.

10 Years of Seaworks

by Paul Kenny

21 May - 27 August 2022


Joe Cornish Galleries' summer exhibition - ’10 Years of Seaworks’ features an exciting collection of images, a decade in the making, by highly-respected photographer Paul Kenny.

The exhibition encompasses a series of prints made over approximately the past 10 years which focus on elements of sea-worn and sea-derived remains created into images of mystery and beauty. Paul has developed a unique practice which involves collecting material from favoured beaches and arranging these fragments on glass plates, which he then scans and prints. The results are beautiful, thought provoking and rich in colour.

The exhibition will run across the summer and is a rare opportunity to view Paul Kenny’s images here in the region and the chance to explore the work of one of the UK’s most innovative photographic practitioners.

Exhibition Portfolio 


Brimham Rocks by Joe Cornish

23 June to 31 August 2021

Currently on display in the Galleries are a selection of photographs of Brimham Rocks by Joe Cornish.

Joe was commissioned by the National Trust to photograph the Brimham Rocks site for its 50 year anniversary. Drawn to Rock is on display at National Trust Brimham Rocks Visitor Centre until November 2021.

In celebration of the National Trust exhibition, we are also dsiplaying a selection of additional images here at the Joe Cornish Galleries until 31 August.

Made over the winter and spring of 2019/2020, some photographs were shot in the harsh and difficult conditions of snowstorms and others at night enabling Joe to experiment with portable lighting. Joe also did some post-production work on a selection of images to suggest geological time which over eons and combined with the weather, created these marvellous rock formations.

The exhibition can be viewed during our current opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday 9am - 4pm

The framed exhibition prints are all available to purchase and a listing can be viewed here:

Brimham Rocks prints by Joe Cornish

Please note that larger and smaller print sizes are also available, contact the gallery for details.


A Decade of Moments

Focus on... Mark Littlejohn
Saturday 15th February 2020 – 30th December 2020

We are delighted that respected outdoor photographer Mark Littlejohn is exhibiting with us for our first 'Focus on...' exhibition of 2020.

Mark has a unique approach to landscape photography, preferring the less popular view and concentraing his efforts on the earlier part of the day. He sees little point in constantly travelling in search of exotic locations, when a beautiful image can be right on your front door, which for Mark is Penrith in Cumbria located between the Eden Valley and Ullswater. Mark says about his photography, 'I would describe myself as an outdoor photographer. I just like to wander with the camera in my hand, no filters or tripod. It is instants in time that I want to capture.'

Inntravel Slow Moments: 2019 Competition Winners

Our 5th annual group photography exhibition

11 January - 8 February 2020

Our 5th annual exhibition of Inntravel’s photographic competition winners and highly commended entries will be on display in our Exhibition Gallery on the first floor.

The exhibition launch takes place at 2pm on Saturday 11 January with the overall winning-entry, chosen by internationally acclaimed author Carl Honoré revealed at 2:30pm.

All our visitors and customers are welcome to attend.

We also have a limite number of signed copies of Carl's 2004 best-selling book In Praise of Slow - The unofficial handbook of the Slow Moment.

Focus on...David Ward
7 September – 14 December 2019

Landscape photographer, teacher and writer David Ward will be our ‘Focus on…’ featured photographer from 7 September to 14 December 2019. 

David will be showing prints from his new photographic series Overlooked.

This is a unique opportunity to view the current trends in David’s work and to purchase one of his prints.

The exhibition launches at 2pm on Saturday 7 September.
Everyone is welcome to attend

'Reality is fractal, with an infinite depth of complexity. The grand vista easily seizes our attention but we often let our eyes glance past the details from which that vista is constructed. These photographs seek to express beauty found in the mundane, the walked upon, the passed by, the overlooked.'   David Ward 2019

Focus on...

Kate Somervell

Saturday 11 May – Saturday 11 August 2019

Kate Somervell is the first photographer to be under the spotlight as part of our new 'Focus on" feature which runs from Saturday 11 May - Saturday 11 August. North Yorkshire based Kate is particularly drawn to black and white imagery and will be exhibiting both digital prints and a specially made series of photogravures.

Kate will be in conversation with Joe Cornish at the Galleries on the afternoon of Thursday 16 May and will also be joining us for 'Meet the Photographer' events on Saturday 8 May and Saturday 13 July.

Evolving Landscapes

Light & Land group photographic exhibition

30 March - 27 April 2019

We are delighted to exhibit Evolving Landscapes in association with Light and Land. This touring exhibition looks at how landscape photography has evolved and developed over the last 25 years by focusing on the work of 20 photographers associated with Europe’s leading photography tour company. The exhibition will feature the work of 20 photographers, including Light & Land founders Charlie Waite and Sue Bishop, as well as Joe Cornish, Paul Sanders, Valda Bailey and many more.

iPhone prints by Joe Cornish

Permanent display

In the visual arts, practice and preparation are essential. In sculpture that means making a maquette. In painting, the process is characterised by drawing or sketching, whether with pencil, charcoal or watercolour. Eventually the process leads to a definitive piece, perhaps a bronze sculpture, or a major easel painting, incorporating many of the ideas explored in preparation.

Perhaps photographers have always practised too...by making photographs. The evidence for this is preserved in the rolls of film and contact sheets of famous photographers. We see many 'almost-but-not-quite-moments', but there is one where everything seems to come together. The definitive exposure's special status is then reinforced through the interpretation of the printing process, which becomes the finished work.

Over the last four years or so my sketching process has been done with a smart phone. These remarkable hand-held super computers make more sense than a digital compact because they are almost always with us. The screens are far larger and brighter than a digital compact. and finally, the phone manufacturers have revolutionised the technology, so that their native jpeg image output is more appealing than that of a conventional camera.

The exhibition aims to acknowledge the value and significance of the smartphone, at least as it relates to my creative process. We enjoy and appreciate sketches, drawings and cartoons of artists from history, so I feel it is only fair to ask, in the context of contemporary stills photography, has the phone now become the sketchpad and notebook of our time?

Joe Cornish (March 2018). 


The World Within : The World Without

Photographs by Graham Cook

9 March - 13 April 2019

Graham Cook’s first solo show presents a view of the world that is determined by an expression of personal feelings. Graham sees ‘life’ in all objects, regardless of how inanimate they seem - a life that is hidden, waiting to be revealed. The landscape, becomes an imaginary place, one that invites dreaming, where imagination can provide an escape for the artist and the viewer.

The exhibition launches at 4:30pm on Saturday 9th March.

Inntravel Slow Moments: 2018 Competition Winners

Our 4th annual group photography exhibition

12 January - 9 February 2019

Our 4th annual exhibition of Inntravel’s photographic competition winners and highly commended entries will be on display in our Exhibition Gallery on the first floor.

The exhibition launch takes place between 2pm - 4pm on Saturday 12 January. All our visitors and customers are welcome to attend. The overall winning entry and the 2 runners-up have been chosen and will be announced at the launch by Carl Honoré, author of the best-selling book In Praise of Slow. Carl will also be selling and signing his books.

From Zero to Zero: photographs from a circumnavigation of the globe
by Andrew Chandler

12 January - 9 February 2019

In 2017, Andrew Chandler set off on an epic journey, starting at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, with the objective of photographing people, landscapes and wildlife as he circumnavigated the globe - returning four months later to the prime meridian.

New Work from 2018 by Joe Cornish

Until 22 December 2018

Our current Joe Cornish exhibition features a diverse hand-picked selection of his favourite images, captured in the UK and overseas throughout 2018. The exhibition runs until Sat 22 Dec. Don't miss it!













A beautiful silence: by Steve Gosling

Friday 12 October - Thursday 15 November

Steve Gosling's beautiful and fascinating photographic exhibition launches at Joe Cornish Galleries on Friday 12 October.

In November 2016 Steve Gosling travelled to South Georgia & Antarctica. This exhibition and accompanying book tell the photographic story of his adventure. The exhibition is not a travel journal, more a collation of the wide variety of subjects that stirred a response in him - from graphic/abstract images to landscapes and the wildlife seen along the way.

The photographs are a mixture of both colour and black & white images that reflected Steve’s visual and emotional response to what he witnessed. Steve chose the equipment, techniques and mode of presentation that best communicated his response to what he saw, experienced and felt during this incredible journey to the end of the world.

Steve Gosling image of a storm over the water

#BritishFlowers Part 2: by Tessa Bunney

Saturday 28 July - Thursday 30 August

Tessa's images come from her Farmerflorist project documenting the resurgence of UK artisan cut-flower growing. Tessa's flower photographs are taken immediately in a basic daylight studio against a colourful paper backdrop - with beautiful results.

British Flowers Part 2: Daffodil

Floral portraits: Rod Bennington

Saturday 28 July - Thursday 30 August 2018

Like any good portrait photographer, Rod captures his subjects looking at their finest in their natural environment. Rod's set-up and composition can be a lengthy process, requiring a magical combination of the right light, no wind and gentle rain.

Floral Portraits

Dog Week

Saturday 21 July - Saturday 28 July 2018

Our 2nd annual Dog Week runs from Saturday 21st July to Saturday 28th July and has expanded with the help of our friends Love Northallerton to include the rest of the town.

At the gallery we will have dog-inspired photography by award-winning photographer Simon Baxter, dog portrait sessions with Paw Prints Pet Photography, dog stone sculpture by David Bedford and fund-raising for local dog and animal rescue charities NASSL and Guide Dogs. Plus a Dog Menu in the Café and a fun Find the Dog trail for kids.

Elsewhere in the town there will be a series of talks on a range of dog-related issues by experts, a sponsored dog walk and a photo competition to decide the dog stars for a 2019 'woof Factor' calendar organised by Love Northallerton.

Of Wood and Water: photographs by Michela Griffith

Saturday 14 April - Tuesday 22 May 2018

North Yorkshire woodlands and water have helped inspire our forthcoming exhibition at the Joe Cornish Galleries in Northallerton. Landscape photographer Michela Griffith returns to the gallery from Saturday 14 April 2018 with her latest collection of work, Of Wood and Water.

Following her debut solo exhibition at the gallery in 2015 in which Michela introduced her ‘Streamscapes’ celebrating the beauty and diversity of water in motion, she has continued to develop her distinctive style experimenting with movement in and through the landscape.

Of Wood and Water, is the culmination of her continued dialogue with the rivers and streams in North Yorkshire and the Peak District over the last 3 years. This has evolved to also embrace the woodland and trees along the riverbanks with the results forming the inspiration for this latest exhibition.

Michela explains, “Water is still the focus of my photography, but recently I’ve been finding new ways to photograph the trees along the river bank as much as the water itself. This has carried over into my exploration of woodland, and my interrogation of individual trees. These personal interpretations of wood and water, made over the past 3 years, reflect not only the seasons, as experienced near my home in the Peak District or during trips to North Yorkshire, but the curiosity that water has inspired in my practice. Water has fundamentally changed my way of seeing, and I now look at the land with new eyes.”

Of Wood and Water: Photographs by Michela Griffith
Saturday 14 April to Tuesday 22 May 2018
Joe Cornish Galleries, Northallerton

Inntravel Slow Moments Exhibition

Saturday 13 January - Saturday 10 February

We are delighted to be working once again with North Yorkshire based travel company, Inntravel 'The Slow Holiday people', and hosting an exhibition of images from their Slow Moments photographic competition.

Entrants were asked to share their favourite Slow Moment, captured in an evocative image and described in no more than 40 words. Hundreds of entries were received featuring locations across the world. 16 images were shortlisted from monthly winners and other highly rated entries and these will all feature in the exhibition here that opens on Saturday 13 January 2018.

The overall winning entry was 'Bus queue' taken by David Pechey which was announced at Inntravel's recent Discovery day held in Cheltenham in December. David won a fantastic holiday-cum-photographic assignment to Catalonia. The competition will run again in 2018 so if you want to view this years top entries, learn more about Inntravel and the Slow Moments competition and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the gallery, then be sure to come and view the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until 5pm on Saturday 10 January

New Work - Photographs by Joe Cornish

We are very excited to announce a new exhibition featuring the long-awaited and much-anticipated launch of New Work by Joe Cornish. 

It starts on Friday 27 October with an evening talk by Joe here at the gallery. He will discuss the new images, the inspiration behind them and the adventures he had on his travels while making them.

The new work by Joe features local landscapes alongside images from a variety of Joe's recent travels overseas. Locations to feature include the North York Moors and North Yorkshire Coast, the Lake District, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland and the USA.

The exhibition will be on display until the end of November. But don't worry if you can't visit the gallery during the exhibition, all the prints will be available to view and order from the galleries in the future.

Paul Berriff: a life in pictures

9 September - 7 October 2017

Paul Berriff’s exhibition at Joe Cornish Galleries will document his long and incredible career and will feature Paul’s outstanding photography from a life spent behind a camera.


Paul is one of Britain’s most accomplished television documentary film makers. A pioneer in his field, Paul has been awarded the OBE and two BAFTAs, along with a host of other top TV awards. His latest being the GTC’s Television Cameraman’s Award for 2017.

Starting his career in the early ‘60s as a 16 year old press photographer, Paul quickly moved on to making films, documentaries and ground-breaking TV series with some of the most well-known names in the industry and beyond.

A short-list of Paul’s subjects and collaborators include Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, HRH Prince Charles, Randolph Fiennes, Jane Seymour and Roger Moore, the space shuttle at Cape Canaveral, the post-war Kuwaiti oil fields with Werner Herzog, and the New York Fire Department on 09/11. The list goes on…

Paul’s photographs have been on exhibition in New York, San Francisco, Prague & Dubai with a permanent display at The Beatles Story in Liverpool. Despite this illustrious roll-call, Paul specialises in capturing intimate portraits of his subjects and of their interaction with others. Paul is now based back in Yorkshire, photographing the landscape and people around him.

A selection of photograph's from Paul's Rock Legends collection will continue to be displayed at the gallery after the exhibition ends.

Moorsview Exhibition 12 August - 5 September

Moorsview 2017 - Landscape & Wildlife Photography Seminar is back again this year celebrating landscape and wildlife photography on the North York Moors & Coast.

We are delighted to be once again hosting the accompanying exhibition here at the gallery from Saturday 12 August to 5th September. 

Moorsview 2017 features a host of renowned local photographers including Joe Cornish highlighting the beauty of the North York Moors and Coast and the wildlife that lives there.

Exhibiting artists are Joe Cornish, Peter Leeming, Lucy Saggers, Karl Holtby, Steve Race, Robert Fuller & John Clifton.

Following the exhibition the Moorsview Seminar and Moorsview extra is being held over the weekend of 8th - 10th September.

As well as the seminar there are a host of workshops and photowalks featuring a number of the exhibiting photographers.

Full details can be found at https://www.trailblazeroutdoors.co.uk/pages/moorsview



Dogs on display: 29 July - 26 August

We are delighted to present a double exhibition to coincide with the Joe Cornish Galleries inaugural 'Dog Week - A celebration of all things canine.'

Life on a lead: the dogs of Venice is a light-hearted and entertaining photographic exhibition celebrating the eclectic mix of dogs to be found around the piazzas and streets of the Italian city.
Kate Somervell’s images were taken during visits in the winter months when Venetians like to dress their dogs to protect them from the cold. The photographs capture an engaging cast of canine companions against a backdrop of unpredictable light and weather, shadows and silhouettes amongst the famous Venetian architecture.

Emma Stothard is a North Yorkshire sculptor, inspired by nature who will be displaying Dog Sculptures in Wire and Willow. Emma exhibits nationally and internationally including the Chelsea Flower Show and on HRH the Prince of Wales Highgrove Estate.

Both exhibitions will run from 29 July - 26 August.

Midgard: the myth and romance of northern landscapes

Photographs by Lizzie Shepherd 15 July - 9 August

The combination of Lizzie Shepherd's love of Nordic landscapes, together with the lasting legacy of the Vikings on the area of Yorkshire in which she lives, has inspired the title of her forthcoming photographic exhibition - Midgard is the name for Middle Earth in Norse mythology.

Lizzie says, "When wandering through the sheer-sided woodland of Guisecliff Wood, which features heavily in my exhibition, or through other parts of Yorkshire, the Lake District or the Nordic countries, one feels as if one has encountered another world.

Trees are often the protagonists but weather induced elements of cloud, snow, water and ice also play their part in creating that sense of a magical and mythical other-worldly environment.

Beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. We all see, think and feel differently, but the power of the imagination to conjure up a world beyond the 'straight' landscape that we see, is for me one of the joys of photography."

Salt & cyan: photography using Victorian processes

by David and Angela Chalmers
An exhibition at Joe Cornish Galleries 29 April - 27 May 2017

Salt prints by David Chalmers

Scarborough-based David Chalmers creates his unique photographs using salt, silver and sunlight. He believes this historic formula, invented by the pioneers of photography in the 1830s, has helped him to express a pure, uncomplicated, photographic statement - a personalised vision of the moorland landscape in which he lives and works.

To make a salt print David positions the negative in contact with the silver sensitised paper, then exposes this directly to sunlight or UV light - the Victorians used sunlight to expose images long before the use of electric lamps became widespread towards the end of the nineteenth century. In this early printing method no enlarger is used and the resulting image is the same size as the negative: for his salt prints David uses a large format Deardorff camera, using 8” x 10” negatives which in turn creates 8” x 10” salt prints.

David describes the warm tonal scale of the silver chloride prints as ‘echoing an underlying stillness, creating nostalgic memories of the raw beauty experienced within a unique landscape. These simple images express my humble view of the natural beauty I have discovered whilst exploring the moorland and woodlands of the North York Moors National Park. I feel that the deep rich brown hues within my prints echo the underlying rustic feel that resonates in this landscape’.

For more information about David Chalmers’ salt printing method, please talk to a member of staff. David will be running a Salt Printing workshop at Joe Cornish Galleries on Saturday 13 May you can book online at www.joecornishgallery.co.uk

Cyanotype prints by Angela Chalmers

Angela has a fascination with Victoriana and early printing methods. She uses the cyanotype process to create hauntingly beautiful, unique photograms.

Created in 1842, the cyanotype method is a relatively straightforward one; no darkroom is needed - only sunshine! Cyanotypes are made by placing objects on treated paper and placing this in the sun. The sunlight interacts with the exposed paper which has been light-sensitised with iron salt solutions. It is this simple chemical base which gives the exposed cyanotypes their richly distinctive ‘Prussian blue’ tones. The objects placed on the paper, including photographic negatives, prevent exposure and the paper underneath them remains white, creating a silhouette effect. The well-known term ‘blue- print’, common-place in the English language, derives from the cyanotype method which was used to create copies of architectural drawings from an original made on tracing paper.

The paper Angela uses is hand-coated and varies in size, giving her full creative control over the image she is making. Her themes echo the technique’s origins and refer back to nineteenth century preoccupations. Angela says of her work, ‘My botanical images connect with the ‘language of flowers’ and the popular nineteenth century pastime of flower collecting, pressing and preservation. Figurative elements and feminine garments relate to a deeper focus on women’s history, memory and identity’.

For more information about Angela Chalmers’ cyanotype printing method, please talk to a member of staff. Angela will be running Cyanotype Printing workshops at Joe Cornish Galleries on Saturday 6 May & Saturday 5 August.  Book online at www.joecornishgallery.co.uk

On Landscape Exhibition II:

Inspired by First Light

The second On Landscape photography exhibition, co-curated by Jo Rose, Curator at Joe Cornish Galleries and Tim Parkin, editor of the online photography magazine On Landscape, is themed around Joe Cornish's 2002 book First Light which is cited by many landscape photographers as a major inspiration for their photography. The exhibition features work by Joe Cornish and five photographers who have a close working relationship with the On Landscape magazine.

The contributing photographers are:

Baxter Bradford

Julian Calverley

Joe Cornish

Matt Lethbridge

Harvey Lloyd-Thomas

Beata Moore


The exhibition runs from Saturday 4 March until the Autumn.

A Tribute to Ansel Adams: 100 years of photographing Yosemite

Photographs by Charles Cramer Joe Cornish & Dave Chalmers

17 November - 23 December

2016 marks the centenary of Ansel Adam’s first ever photographic trip to Yosemite National Park in California, as a young boy with his Brownie box camera.

It is fitting therefore, that our last exhibition of 2016 is a tribute to his photography and the iconic images of Yosemite. Featuring work by Joe Cornish and Scraborough based photographer and printer David Chalmers, we are also delighted to be exhibiting work by American landscape photographer Charles Cramer.

Charles was a friend of Ansel Adams and not only learned from and worked with Adams, but also still exhibits and leads workshops at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite.

Speaking about Charles ahead of the exhibition, Joe Cornish said:

"Charles Cramer is one of America’s greatest living landscape photographers, an artist whose poetic vision of colour in the western landscape has inspired thousands of fans, collectors, students and photographers. He also has a unique experience of printing colour having mastered dye transfer, the ultimate form of analogue photographic print-making. He has brought all that experience to digital technology, and the subtlety and beauty of his digital prints is unsurpassed.

As a young man Charles Cramer attended a number of Ansel Adams workshops, and found common cause with Adams… a fellow pianist. They remained friends until Ansel’s death in 1984. Charlie has collaborated with Ansel’s one-time assistant and technical adviser, John Sexton, on workshops for many years. His prints may be found in the Ansel Adams gallery in Yosemite (as well as many others), and Yosemite has been the primary inspiration for his photography, and is the base for many of his workshops.

We are hugely privileged to have him as a visiting master of photography.”








Life on the brink: wildlife of India and Amazonia

A photographic exhibition by Will Nicholls and Param Sandhu

27 August - 24 September

Will Nicholls is a wildlife photographer from Northumberland.  Will has established himself as one of the most promising up and coming young photographers in the country having won a string of awards including Young British Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2009) and the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards Overall Winner in 2011. Will’s pictures have been published locally, nationally and internationally.  
In the summer of 2015 Will travelled to Manú, Peru - the most biodiverse place on Earth - to photographically document the wildlife in a regenerating area of rainforest, which had been entirely cleared 40 years ago. The Amazon Rainforest is nicknamed the ‘lungs of the Earth’ and is home to many different species. It is a biodiversity hotspot, but famously under threat from deforestation, gold mining, soy plantations and more. The exhibition will showcase a number of different species not only living, but thriving, in a rainforest that is re-establishing itself and giving hope to conservation efforts worldwide.
Will’s talk will be orientated around both video and still imagery, and will give a rare and unique insight into South American wildlife in Amazonia.

Dr Param Sandhu is a nature photographer with a special interest in photographing tigers in the wild.
Param is concerned about the plight of the wild tiger and communicates this to the world by showcasing his tiger photographs to international audiences. Through dedication and much time spent in the jungles in India, Param has developed  a formidable understanding of the behaviour of wild tigers. He is specially observant of the young; tigresses, their cubs and their interactions form an important part of Param’s photographic portfolio.
A hundred years ago there were over a 100,00 tigers in the wild in India. It is now estimated that there are only just over 3 000 wild tigers in the world; 70% of these, around 2 000, live in the jungles of India. The dwindling numbers are entirely due to man and his actions; either related to his (man’s) own development and habitat destruction or criminality and the lucrative trade in tiger parts.
Param is a committed wildlife photographer and a speaker with a deep passion about the threat to this species.




Natural Inspirations:

Northern Potters at the Joe Cornish Gallery

Part of the 2016 Yorkshire Festival Plus Programme

2 July - 13 August

The Northern Potters Association returns to Joe Cornish Gallery with its biennial exhibition.

This year the selected ceramics on display draw inspiration from the landscape and the natural world.

The potters selected to dsplay work include:

Alison Brayshaw, Beverley Porter, Bob Park, Carl Gray, Catherine Boyne Whitelegg, Charlotte Morrison, Colin Jowitt, Eric Moss, Jenny Morten, John Egerton, Judy Taylor, Katie Braida, Linda Bulleyment, Pat Dalton, Lis Holt, Sylvia Holmes, Ken Jaquiery and Barbara Wood.

Limited access by Susan Rowe

02 - 30 July 2016

Susan Rowe is a landscape photographer from County Durham. Since her retirement she has had more time to devote to photography, and has concentrated on expanding her photographic skills and developing her own personal style.

Susan grew very interested in landscape photography when her mobility became restricted by severe osteoarthritis.  Faced with such adversity this may not seem an obvious choice, but as a geographer Susan has a longstanding affinity with hills, mountains, lakes and the sea, and photography has proved a great way to keep in touch with the landscape and the places she enjoys. Being disabled Susan faces big challenges to find suitably accessible locations to take photographs. She sometimes uses walking sticks, but more often than not a wheelchair, working in tandem with her husband as he carries her tripod and pushes her chair. And, as Susan’s inspiration is drawn from the colours and moods to be found around sunrise and sunset, and the water patterns and abstracts formed in lakes, streams and the sea, gaining access to these locations is well worth all the effort.

Susan is a member of the Royal Photographic Society as well as the Disabled Photographers Society and, has successfully been awarded a “Licentiateship” by both organisations – LRPS and LDPS.

For more information visit Susan’s website: www.susanrowelandscapephotography.co.uk

Inntravel Competition Saturday 16th January at 2.00pm to 4.00pm

The overall winnerwas announced as part of the launch event on Saturday 16 January

Photographic exhibition of the shortlisted images from travel company Inntravel

Exhibition featuring the shortlisted entries in the 2015 ‘Slow Moments’ Photographic competition.


The brief was to capture an image that resonated with the emotion and feeling that reflected a Slow Moment in time.

 The result is an absorbing display of evocative images from around the world.


Organised by Castle Howard based, Inntravel in conjunction with the Joe Cornish Gallery.

The exhibition will run until 5 February. 













MOORSVIEW Exhibition 14 Nov to 19th Dec 2015

Photographing the North York Moors & Coast


We are delighted to welcome the MOORSVIEW exhibition to the gallery, featuring fantastic images of the North York Moors and coast.

It follows the inaugural MOORSVIEW seminar event in Pickering last month, involving renowned local photographers and experts from Mountain Rescue. The event showcased the wealth of great photographic opportunities the North York Moors and coast has to offer, alongside practical advice for safe photography throughout the seasons, and especially during wintery conditions.

MOORSVIEW raised valauable funds for the work of the Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team and as supporters of the event, it is great to welcome the accompanying exhibition from this Saturday until 19 December.

Contributing photographers include:

  • Lizzie Shepherd
  • Richard and Janet Burdon
  • Karl Holtby
  • Dave Mead
  • John Clifton
  • John Potter












‘Antarctica reflections’ Friday 27 Nov 2015

- a talk by Joe Cornish

Following his return from a 3rd visit to Antarctica, Joe Cornish presents a talk at the gallery about photography and travel in the world’s most isolated, fascinating and inhospitable landscape.












Songlines by Linda Lashford

- Exhibition Preview & Talk

Our forthcoming exhibition, ‘Songlines’ by Linda Lashford portrays an intersection between a moment, words and a place. The images in ‘Songlines’ comprise lyrical and haunting portraits of abandoned buildings, woodland, rivers and shoreline and inspired by Linda’s travels and poetry. The exhibition has three distinct themes; ‘Intimations of landscape’, ‘The splintered coast’ and ‘Trappings of light’ with images that all transcend the literal and focus on abstraction and the power of imagination. 

Linda Lashford is a Welsh born photographic artist, who abandoned a career as a physician and medical scientist to take up a nomadic life travelling across Europe. For over a decade Linda has created walking holidays and marketing content for the UK travel company, Inntravel in her role as their chief photographer. In recent years, she has been heavily involved in supporting Inntravel’s ‘Slow Travel’ campaign, and has created and published many evocative images of places and people. 

The exhibition ‘Songlines’ is Linda’s personal response to the landscapes she has encountered along the way. You can see more of Linda’s work at www.lindalashford.photoshelter.com.

The traveling life is the wellspring of her creativity and provides the impetus for her broad range of imagery; Linda is equally at home with documentary imaging and is currently working on a long term project documenting the rural people of Spain and Portugal