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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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This still life Series came by way of my embracing the positives of 'lockdown'. It features compositions based on mundane found-objects all collected within a 100 metre radius of my studio. There is intrinsic hidden beauty waiting to be revealed within the mundane and the ordinary. The aim of this series is to highlight, amplify and celebrate that beauty.

The Search

An extensive search of the field produced a wheelbarrow load of stuff including owl pellets, boulders, worn bricks, lichen, rusty horseshoes, victorian bottles, decaying leaves, plus a plethora of discarded odds and sods.

Reasoning and purpose behind the compositions

I enjoy experimenting with juxtapostion of scale, texture. shape and colour. My goal is to create a strong visual tension between the chosen objects - the positive and negative space surrounding them - and the aesthetic constraints inevitably imposed by the varied viewfinder ratios and camera formats.

The above, alongside lip-service to the tenets of composition - golden section, thirds, leading lines - plus the option to ignore everything, all combines to equip me with a useful go-to matrix for photography!

I often think that this 'creative process' is akin to watching raindrops on a surface, as they are drawn inexorably closer to each other - to the point where surface tension takes a a hand, causing them to fuse together and become one. I keep quoting this as a mantra, but most people just think I'm bonkers. A fair point!

Between a Rock and a Hard Place - sandstone rock and weathered brick on slate.

Still life by Keith Hodgson

Canon EOS 1Ds MKIII 100mm Macro Lens

Limited edition of 25, hand-printed, signed and numbered.

Print sizes - A4, A3, A2, A1

310 gsm Fotospeed Smooth Cotton 300 Art Paper

EPSON archival inkjet print - lightfastness rating is over 100 years