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Evolving Landscapes

Light & Land group photographic exhibition

30 March - 27 April 2019

We are delighted to exhibit Evolving Landscapes in association with Light and Land. This touring exhibition looks at how landscape photography has evolved and developed over the last 25 years by focusing on the work of 20 photographers associated with Europe’s leading photography tour company. The exhibition will feature the wok of 20 photographers, including Light & Land founders Charlie Waite and Sue Bishop, as well as Joe Cornish, Paul Sanders, Valda Bailey and many more.

Focus on...

Kate Somervell

Saturday 11 May – Saturday 11 August 2019

Kate Somervell is the first photographer to be under the spotlight as part of our new 'Focus on" feature which runs from Saturday 11 May - Saturday 11 August. North Yorkshire based Kate is particularly drawn to black and white imagery and will be exhibiting both digital prints and a specially made series of photogravures.

Kate will be in conversation with Joe Cornish at the Galleries on the afternoon of Thursday 16 May and will also be joining us for 'Meet the Photographer' events on Saturday 8 May and Saturday 13 July.

Selection of Kate Somervell's images

Focus on...

David Ward

14 September – 14 December 2019

Landscape photographer, teacher and writer David Ward will be our ‘Focus on…’ featured photographer from 14 September to 14 December 2019.

David will be showing new prints from the UK and overseas and will be involved in several events during his residency as our autumn/winter 2019 ‘Focus on…’ photographer.

Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else. – Leonardo da Vinci

'Reality is fractal, with an infinite depth of complexity. The grand vista easily seizes our attention but we often let our eyes glance past the details from which that vista is constructed. These photographs seek to express beauty found in the mundane, the walked upon, the passed by, the overlooked.' David Ward 2019


Selection of David Ward's images