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David Ward is regarded as one of Britain's most notable landscape photographers, frequently leading workshops or writing on the subject. His eye for shape and form is without equal and produces work that is startling in its clarity and intensity.

"David Ward's camera looks deep into the landscape; revealing texture, detail, rhythm and subtleties that most of us miss." Joe Cornish


Focus on... David Ward at Joe Cornish Galleries

7 September - 14 December 2019

Landscape photographer, teacher and writer, David Ward will be exhibiting prints from his new photographic series Overlooked.

This is a unique opportunity to view the current trend in David's work and to purchase his prints.

"Reality is fractal with an infinite depth of complexity. The grand vista easily seizes our attention but we often let our eyes glance past the details from which that vista is constructed. These photographs seek to express beauty found in the mundane, the walked upon, the passed by, the overlooked."  David Ward


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