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Life on the brink: wildlife of India and Amazonia

A photographic exhibition by Will Nicholls and Param Sandhu

27 August - 24 September

Will Nicholls is a wildlife photographer from Northumberland.  Will has established himself as one of the most promising up and coming young photographers in the country having won a string of awards including Young British Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2009) and the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards Overall Winner in 2011. Will’s pictures have been published locally, nationally and internationally.  
In the summer of 2015 Will travelled to Manú, Peru - the most biodiverse place on Earth - to photographically document the wildlife in a regenerating area of rainforest, which had been entirely cleared 40 years ago. The Amazon Rainforest is nicknamed the ‘lungs of the Earth’ and is home to many different species. It is a biodiversity hotspot, but famously under threat from deforestation, gold mining, soy plantations and more. The exhibition will showcase a number of different species not only living, but thriving, in a rainforest that is re-establishing itself and giving hope to conservation efforts worldwide.
Will’s talk will be orientated around both video and still imagery, and will give a rare and unique insight into South American wildlife in Amazonia.

Dr Param Sandhu is a nature photographer with a special interest in photographing tigers in the wild.
Param is concerned about the plight of the wild tiger and communicates this to the world by showcasing his tiger photographs to international audiences. Through dedication and much time spent in the jungles in India, Param has developed  a formidable understanding of the behaviour of wild tigers. He is specially observant of the young; tigresses, their cubs and their interactions form an important part of Param’s photographic portfolio.
A hundred years ago there were over a 100,00 tigers in the wild in India. It is now estimated that there are only just over 3 000 wild tigers in the world; 70% of these, around 2 000, live in the jungles of India. The dwindling numbers are entirely due to man and his actions; either related to his (man’s) own development and habitat destruction or criminality and the lucrative trade in tiger parts.
Param is a committed wildlife photographer and a speaker with a deep passion about the threat to this species.




Karl Holtby in the Link Gallery

8 August - 10 September 2016

Karl comes from a family of photographers, some of his earliest memories are of developing black & white images with his father in their darkroom. Karl is now a professional landscape and fine art photographer with a particular interest in the natural world.

Karl has a background in conservation and, for him, ecological detail is as intriguing as any stunning vista. His images will often be composed as abstract forms in the landscape, with the aim of evoking the emotion and capturing the mood of the location.

For the past two years Karl has been an ambassador for Sigma UK. In July 2016 he was also made a Phase One ambassador and will continue to work long-term with Phase One on a number of projects. Additionally, Karl has been fortunate enough to enter into collaborations with Manfrotto, LEE filters and most recently Induro Tripods.

Available for commissions, Karl also runs bespoke workshops for photographers of all levels.

On Landscape Room: photographic gallery

Permanent group exhibition

From July this year, On Landscape, the online landscape photography magazine, will have a permanent exhibition gallery, housed on our first floor. The Gallery will feature a changing selection of work by member-photographers, showcasing some of the finest landscape images being produced today.

The first exhibition will include work by: Colin Bell, Nigel Morton, Paul Mitchell, Peter Hyde and Stephen Barnett.

More information is available in the latest edition of On Landscape -