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Midgard: the myth and romance of northern landscapes Photographs by Lizzie Shepherd 15 July - 9 August

The combination of Lizzie Shepherd's love of Nordic landscapes, together with the lasting legacy of the Vikings on the area of Yorkshire in which she lives, has inspired the title of her forthcoming photographic exhibition - Midgard is the name for Middle Earth in Norse mythology.

Lizzie says, "When wandering through the sheer-sided woodland of Guisecliff Wood, which features heavily in my exhibition, or through other parts of Yorkshire, the Lake District or the Nordic countries, one feels as if one has encountered another world.

Trees are often the protagonists but weather induced elements of cloud, snow, water and ice also play their part in creating that sense of a magical and mythical other-worldly environment.

Beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. We all see, think and feel differently, but the power of the imagination to conjure up a world beyond the 'straight' landscape that we see, is for me one of the joys of photography."