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Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish was born in Exeter in 1958. He studied art at Reading University, where he first came under the spell of photography. After graduating in 1980, he worked as an assistant for four years in London and Washington DC. A few years of penury as a young working photographer followed.

In 1986 his early travel and landscape photography was accepted into Charlie Waite's photolibrary, Landscape Only. From 1986 to 1995 Joe was responsible for either all or the majority of the photography in more than thirty travel books; these years were the proving ground for the landscape work that was to follow. In 1991 he went to Alaska with Raleigh International as expedition photographer. Alaska inspired Joe's commitment to wild places and wilderness. His first job for the National Trust was the 1990 book, In Search of Neptune, and he has continued to work freelance for the Trust ever since. These experiences have convinced him of the vital role photography plays as an advocate for environmental protection.

Joe moved to North Yorkshire in 1993. After a decade shooting 35mm and 6x6 film, in 1995 he started working with a Horseman SW 612 wide-angle camera. After another year he switched to 5x4. It was a move that allowed Joe to develop the style that characterises his work today. With friends Joni and Joe Essex, Joe started Joegraphic in 1999, publishing cards and calendars. Starting in Stokesley, the acquisition of Register House in Northallerton in 2004 led to the formation of Joe Cornish Galleries. The Joe Cornish Northallerton gallery holds a permanent exhibition of Joe's work, as well as his print archive. Exhibitions by visiting photographers are also held occasionally.

Books continue to be the heart of Joe's photographic output, and he has contributed to many National Trust publications, especially Coast and Countryside, first published in 1996. First Light, a Landscape Photographers Art, was his first book as an author as well as photographer. Published by Argentum in 2002, it is still in print. More recently he wrote and photographed Scotland's Coast, a Photographer's Journey (Aurum Press), and shot the pictures for Urbino, (FrancesLincoln) a rare departure into architectural photography.

Joe Cornish

The Northumberland Coast (Frances Lincoln) celebrates a landscape he has been visiting for twenty years. Roseberry Topping is a collaboration with the great Ayton Community Archeology Group, and is an in-depth study of an iconic hill on the fringe of the North York Moors. Working the Light, and Developing Vision and Style are joint book projects with friends David Ward, Charlie Waite and Eddie Ephraums, and talented photographic workshop participants.

Scotland's Mountains, a Landscape photographer's view was published in 2009. Published by Aurum Press it is the culmination of three years of photographic journeys into the heart of the Scottish landscape.

Joe Cornish - a photographer at work, published by Envisage Books, explores Joe's philosophy and working methods. A joint collaboration between Joe and Eddie Ephraums, it is a unique record of Joe's working approach.

In 2006 Amateur Photographer honoured him with their annual Power of Photography award, and in 2008 he was made an honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.

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